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Alison Angel Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: A second chance.

Buffy had attacked her when she had showed up in Sunnydale by accident. Buffy had been angry and had said that she believed Alison to be evil. Alison got annoyed and tried to walk away but the slayer raised her cross bow and shot it at her. Truly believing that Alison was evil. Alison caught the arrow spun around and threw it back at Buffy before she even realized that she was doing it. The arrow embedded itself into Buffy's chest and Alison's eyes widened as she realized what she had just done. She tried to help Buffy but it was too late. Buffy was soon dead. And Alison couldn't bare the thought of her father looking at her with hate because she had just killed a woman that he once loved with all his being. She ran further after that.
Alison walked through the door. They weren't home. That put her at ease when she came through the door. It had been two months since she had left. And now she was back. Not to return to her family. But to save them from herself. She took the book from her pocket and drew a pentagram on the wall. She said the spell to go back in time and the portal opened and just before she went through she stiffened.

“Why are you going to the past?” It was Ava. Alison turned seeing that Ava was alone and there was a glint of fear in Ava's eyes that Alison didn't like.

“I'm going back in time to destroy myself before birth.” Alison told her.

Ava gasped “You can't! Alison please! Don't do this! It will change everything! You have to trust me. Everything will work out I promise. You don't have to do this. I can't stop you. But I need you to trust me when I tell you that when you destroy yourself you will cease to exist and it will change things. So greatly that the time line will be rewritten. Without you. And who knows what else will happen because you didn't exist. You have to think before you do this. Please stay. Do it for me.” Ava begged trying to reason with Alison to make her understand that without her the world would change. And that every person that they loved would be effected by what she was about to do. Everything would change. Everyone would change along with the time line. And Ava had a horrible feeling that it wasn't just Alison that would cease to exist. That this act would take more lives then it would save. That the alternate universe that was created would be so horrifying and filled with pain and suffering for all of their loved ones. And Ava crumbled to her knees helpless as Alison went through the portal and closed it. Ava tried to get up. But she could feel it already. She was weakening. She looked around and she could already see things that were changing.

Alison arrived in the past after Angel had left Darla in the bedroom alone. Darla's eyes were closed. Alison could tell that her mom was asleep. One hand protectively on her stomach. As if afraid that something would come after her babies.
Alison used her power to moved her mothers arm and she took out the spell book. She quietly chanted the abortion spell that would abort the female baby. Unaware that the connection between her and Connor would cause her mother to have to give her life to see that Connor made it into the world. Alison felt herself begin to fade.

In the future.

Angel and the gang walked in now and were shocked at the sight of Ava laying on the floor not moving. She was alive but she seemed lost in her own world. Garret rushed over. Ava had just seen the world that was going to happen because of Alison's destruction. And indeed it was a world of pain and suffering. She couldn't bare it. The Connor crumbled to his knees screaming as he felt Alison fading.
He was losing her. “Ali!” he screamed holding onto his gut as if he had been stabbed. Angel rushed to his son “What? Connor what is it?” he asked.
Connor began to cry. “ What's happening to her!”
Ava found the strength to take Garrets hand “She is Fading. She is almost gone. She went back in time. She destroyed her fetus. She will cease to exist in only seconds. As will I. And Garret. And Alana. I am sorry that I didn't stop her. But I am most sorry to Angel. I have seen the world that will happen without her. And I would rather cease to exist then let it come to pass. I will cease to exist anyway. And it will come to pass. I am so sorry.” Ava rasped out holding tight to Garret as he just gazed at her shattered.

And then the gang was helpless as one by one they watched their children cease to exist.

First Ava faded away then Garret as he cried for his sister. Then Alana. Until all that was left was Connor. They thought he would fade too but he didn't.

Darla gasped and suddenly became dust before their eyes. “Darla!” Angel yelled then Illyria began to choke she went down on her knees she could feel what was about to happen “NO! Fred.” she screamed looking over at her friend Fred and a tear slipped from her eyes as she realized that Fred was about to die and be infected by her.
“What?” Fred asked tears in her own eyes.
Illyria tried to fight it. “I won't do it!! I'm will not infect her! I will not take her life!” Illyria actually began to cry as she tried hard to fight Faith whom she could feel coming back to the body because now it wasn't Faith that was infected. It was Fred.

Illyria was powerless to stop what was going to happen. She gave Fred her now tearful gaze and said in a shattered voice “I can't stop it. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me. I have no choice.” then Faith's body was thrown back and Fred's was too. Wes and Gunn and Angel watched in horror as Fred died and Illyria was now in her body. Fred's hair turned blue in several areas along with some of her skin.

“Fred.” Gunn choked out as the love of his life was now destroyed by one of their greatest friends. Just as their friend Faith had been. Faith faded away.

Illyria stood there in Fred's Body looking at her hands and then gazing around the room.
She spotted Wesley. “Wesley. My love. NO!” she screamed but she was too late. He began to fade as well. Then Gunn faded away. And now all that was left was Illyria and Angel.
Illyria didn't allow herself to shed the tears yet. Then Angel became dust. And that's when her tears began to fall.

She cried for her fallen friends. Then she realized she had very little time left if any. She had to do something. Otherwise there would be no hope of preventing this. And it had to be prevented.
Illyria cast a spell on herself. Freezing time and then opened a portal to take her to the powers that be.

She fought briefly with them before they conceded about owing Illyria a debt that she was now demanding they pay.
“And what is your demand?” The male voice asked.
“A second chance. For us all.” Illyria said.
“And what will you give us?” they asked.
“You have already taken everything! If you need another life as payment then fine. Take mine. I have nothing left.” Illyria offered her own life as payment for the chance to be given and then it was granted.


When I had faded I thought that was the end of it. But it wasn't. I stood in the circular room with walls that were so high that there seemed to be no ceiling.
Before me was what looked like a bird bath. But it was actually where I watched everything happen.
First my mother began to lose Connor and that hurt. The she dusted herself just to bring him into the world and I cried then. Then I watched my father taking care of Baby Connor and then our friend Wesley translated the prophecy on his desk. The same one that I burned at birth. And now I understood why I had burned it. It was a trick. It would hurt my family. And I as a baby somehow sensed it and destroyed it. Then I watched as Wesley struggled to disprove it and then made a choice hoping to save Connor. He took him. And then was tricked and Justine cut his throat. Then I screamed when Holtz took Connor into the hell dimension. I could barely stand to watch as my father cried and suffered during those first days over his lost son. His son was gone. And he was unaware that I had even existed.
Then Connor returned as a teenager. Almost a man. And he fought with our father. Then ran from him. Then met a girl. His first friend who then died and our father showed up and he fought with him again.
Seriously dad? Your just gonna let him throw punches and the return them? My father would have never done that! He would have restrained Connor til he was too worn out and then he would blistered his butt. And he certainly would saw through the deception Connor threw his way. Then I had a fit when Holtz framed our father for his murder and Connor actually BELIEVED it!! seriously Connor?!
Our father would never do anything to deliberately hurt us!
Then I cried again when Connor sunk our father to the bottom of the ocean and our father went on and on trying to tell him that he loved him. Then when our father came back I felt like punching him when he threw Connor out of the house instead of punishing him properly. Then Cordy came back and that was just pitiful. I could tell that it wasn't her. I could tell that it was something evil. Then she slept with Connor giving him a speech about how if it is the last night then she wanted Connor to have one thing that was real. Actually it sounded like she pitied him more then anything else. And our father happened to see it and it hurt him of course. Then there was more stuff and freaking Angelus showed up and Alison frankly panicked at that. But was relieved when he had his soul back. Then she almost laughed at Connor when Faith stopped him from killing their father she grabbed his wrist and he looked back at her and she said “Break me off a switch son. There's about to be a whoppin.” Faith said I laughed at the look on Connor's face. Faith didn't whip him. Well not like that. She did hand his butt to him though.

Then she left and the evil thing revealed that she was pregnant and it was Connor's baby and then soon after that dad and the gang finally grew a brain and figured out that evil Cordy was the beasts master and then to my shock Connor arrived just in time to save the evil bitch and then I wanted to jump through the fountain and kill her when she manipulated Connor into killing that innocent girl. Moms spirit tried to stop him but Connor listened to evil Cordy instead.

Then evil child arrived and came out a woman. Then everyone was really pathetically happy and it was really dumb. Then apparently her blood makes you see her for what she really is. Then my father spilled Cordy blood to help the others see it. Then Wesley got Connor and they did the same to him but he already knew and he betrayed them again. Then I watched in horror as my father went into a rage and started beating the living hell out of Connor. I had tears in my eyes and I screamed at him “You are not my father!” I was so angry but I knew he couldn't hear me.
Then Connor eventually killed Jasmine and then also tried to kill himself at which point dad agreed to work for Wolf Ram and heart and then erased Connor's memories along with everyone else's so that no one would remember Connor. Then dad just GAVE Connor away letting him believing that these random human people were his parents and he had no memory of our father or anything that had ever happened to him. Then he got it back but still left. Then I watched as Cordy died and then Fred died as she was possessed by Illyria and then one by one I watched all the bad things happen and people die. And everyone died. First Cordy died. Then Fred. The Wesley died. Really dad? Your gonna send the freaking human to deal with the evil wizard? How is that smart? Then Illyria showed up and killed the wizard and mourned her lover.
Then I watched as Spike rescued the baby and then Gunn faught against more vampires then a human was able to. He lived. But he was fatally injured. Then Connor showed up to help dad and dad sent him away saying that as long as Connor was okay the powers could never really destroy him. They all met up in the ally after that. And I watched them fall. One by one. First Gunn. Then just as the battle was reaching the end Illyria was fatally wounded but she still fought until the end. Then I watched as my father manged to save one last life before dying. My father had just saved Spike and was now dust. And now Spike who was shocked continued to fight the last few demons. Spike was the only one that lived through it. Then he stayed there staring at my father's ashes just as I did and the the sun came up. Spike didn't even try to avoid it. I knew that he wanted to die. And so he let himself burn to ashes by the sun.

Then I watched Connor laying on the grass and he closed his eyes I could feel that he was making a wish with all his heart and then I saw Ava. Ava's spirit placed a hand on Connor though he couldn't actually see it. “The powers owe us this Connor. Your our only hope. It's time for a second chance.” Ava said then Connor faded to the past. And I watched in fascination wondering what would happen now.

A portal appeared before me it was a bright color and then I saw my father standing there he held his hand out to me “Come with me.” he said.

I went over to him taking his hand. Then I felt it. He wasn't my father. He was the Angel that I had just watched die for Spike. And the look on his face told me that he knew everything. Somehow he had found out about me after his death. Then I realized that his spirit must have spoke with Ava or something like that.

Before we went through he just starred at me for a while. Probably trying to digest that it was true. That yes..I was his daughter and I had destroyed myself therefore creating the Alternate universe where there was so much suffering and pain.
“Why did you do it?” He asked unable to stop himself.
I looked apologetically at him “Because I didn't know about all that would happen. If I had known then I wouldn't have done it. I have been so lost and confused and I hurt people. And Buffy attacked me and I killed her. I thought you would hate me. I'm dangerous. I've always known that. And I just wanted to stop myself from becoming what I became. From doing all that I did. I wanted to stop it from happening. I thought this was the only way.” I said sadly.
“And what do you think now?” Angel asked.
“I think that no matter who you are or what your situation killing yourself is never the right thing to do.” I said honestly.

Angel nodded “Well I'm glad that you learned something from this. The right thing isn't always the easy thing. In's usually when somethings hard. Like when I was going to kill Cordy to stop the Jasmine from entering the world. I made that choice. And I would have done it. I would have hated it. And hated myself for doing it. But I would have done it. Because it was the right thing to do. It would have stopped Jasmine from coming to power at all. Killing one to save billions. But what you did...Isn't that. Your not evil. You just saw my world. And before that....I saw yours. I saw everything. And I saw nothing that shows me that you were evil. You have incredible power. But that doesn't make you evil. And just because you used it a couple times against people doesn't make you evil. Do you know what your actions told me? They didn't tell me you were evil. They told me that you were a teenager. A teenager with amazing powers. Plus every time you used that power without my permission you were punished for it. Quite severely I might add.” Angel said at first he hadn't known where he was. All he had known was that all his friends and even Darla and Connor was there with him. And they all watched as they were shown the world that should have happened. It was a happier world. And the most shocking moment had been when Alison came out after Connor. Angel had protested about how that wasn't possible but then they watched more as they were shown the world that she came from. What their lives were like with her. Faith became Illyria and her and Wesley had twins Ava and Garret. Then Fred and Gunn had Alana later the same year. Then they watched everything else all the way up to the moment when Alison was attacked and she killed Buffy and then went back in time and cast the abortion spell that destroyed her fetus and almost made Darla lose Connor. Then Angel had been sucked through a portal and he watched as Alison saw their world. How she cried when they cried. And screamed during several of the bad times. And it almost broke his heart when after she watched him beat up Connor she screamed “Your are not my father!” and she was right. He wasn't her father.
She had made sure that he would never get the chance. And it made him angry. He was now willing to do anything to change the world back. And then he went back through the portal and to his friends and there stood Ava. She spoke with them and then she touched Angel saying “Your the only one who can save her now.” then she faded away. Then he had gone through another portal.

Alison scoffed at that though it was true. She was only 16 after all. Did she really expect herself to be perfect at controlling herself all time? Her father didn't. He always delivered punishment when she failed to do so but that had more to do with making her want to control it and punishing her for when she used it against others. “Yeah. I see your point.....I just didn't see it that way at the time.” Alison said.

“I wasn't even there and I could see it that way. And I know my other self saw it that way too. Your just a kid Ali. Nobody's perfect and the point is that you try to control it. And I saw it myself. Most of the time you did try. But there were some times when you didn't. And again that had more to do with the fact that your just a kid. Do you trust me Alison?” Angel asked.
“Part of me does. But after what you did to Connor the other part of me wishes for you to be alive again so that I can kill you myself. Why do you ask?” Alison asked.
“I can understand that. You have to understand something about that. I was hurt. He had betrayed me twice and he hated me. I never got the chance to be his father either. Not really. I'm not saying that what I did was okay. I know it wasn't. And after seeing that I spank you and your brother in your world I can understand why you would get angry that time that I beat him in mine. Because you know the difference. Don't get me wrong. I loved Connor. But that didn't stop me. I couldn't think of anything else to do. And I had to punish him. So I just beat his up. I gotta say after seeing your world there are a couple things in mine that I could have done better. Like with Connor mostly. If I had acted like his father and spanked him the first time he challenged me instead of letting him get the better of me he might have learned that he can't just do whatever he wants and get away with it. I didn't try to teach him right from wrong. I just wanted him to like. And it killed me that he didn't. But I should have been his father. I know that now. I should have blistered his backside when I came back from the ocean. I should have spanked him for every lie he told me. But I didn't. So when you think about it you are like me. I don't always do what's right. When it comes to the big stuff I usually do. But almost everything I did with Connor was done wrong.” Angel said then added “By the way. You should know me by now. So you can trust me when I say that weather I am me or the other me that got to be your father...If you were truly evil. I wouldn't have spanked you. I would have destroyed you myself. So since I didn't that alone should tell you that you aren't evil. You just made a mistake. Several. But you won't repeat them again. I'm here because the powers owed me one. Because of Illyria from your time. Guess she made a deal before she ceased to exist. And because of that they are now paying that debt to me instead of her. Now I want you to step through there. And don't you dare look back.” Angel said sternly that last sentence had two meanings though. One meant for her to not look back at him. The other meant that she wasn't to look back on the bad things of the past. Alison understood and got both meanings. And she knew which one he meant for her to take. She couldn't help herself. She hugged him “I'm sorry.” she said.
“I don't wanna hear that your sorry. I want you to go through that portal. Right now. Without another word. And then all you have to do is listen.” Angel said hugging her back and then separating them and she went through the portal and swore to not look back.

What she saw on the other side of the portal was Connor and their mother awake. Wait Connor was the same age as her! What was he doing in the past?

Then she could tell that it was the Connor from the alternate reality. Angel came in and Darla said “Great now there both here.” she said already knowing that this was their daughter because of her appearance alone.

Soon Darla gave birth to both children and Angel named Connor. Connor Galen Angel. And then after asking their daughter for her name they named the little girl Alison Marie Angel.

Connor faded away and then Alison saw a portal open behind her and she knew it was time to go. She gave one last look at her parents and sighed “I won't look back. I promise.” she said to her father and then she went through the portal and was now in the hotel she went down on her knees as new memories assailed her. And then the memories from childhood up til she destroyed herself were erased she didn't see Angel who was standing there casting the spell to erase those memories so that she would never know what had happened. Angel had merged with his other self and so he was aware of everything that happening in all the realities. But now Alison would only know this reality. She would know nothing of the others. And that was Angel's welcome home gift to her. To free her from her past.

The End.........

Continued in the sequel IN CONTROL 

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Alison Angel Chapter 7

Chapter 7 : She's not coming back is she.

When Alison woke later that night her back was healed. And she instantly spotted her father sitting in the chair in her room watching her.

She sat up remembering everything and wanted to cry again. “I killed her.” she said.
“Actually you didn't. Turns out Demetrius got involved and the bigger flames that appeared were actually him taking her back to the other dimension to heal her. She might come back. She might not. If she's smart then she won't. But we'll see. As for you.......Young lady you and I are going to have a very long chat.” Angel said sternly.

“About what?” Alison asked then realized that that was a dumb question.

“Oh gee I don't know! We could start with you lying to me about what happened to the demon child. Or we could skip that and move on to an even bigger crime where you deliberately used your powers to choke Ava and you did that just for the hell of it. Not like we didn't know you could do that Alison the point we were making was that you chose not to hurt people. Because deep down your a good person despite the fact that you get some really bad ideas underneath all of those bad ideas your intentions are still good. You truly think your doing the right thing. You were trying to save her. And I can understand that. And your right. I wouldn't have let anyone hurt you. But Alison it's time you come to terms with the truth. She's not what you think she is. She's not a little girl that can be saved by anyone's love. She's an evil child that want's to destroy your brother so that she can have you and your power on her side. The sooner you get that through your head the better. You can love her all you want. But don't you ever stand in our way again! Or next time it's gonna get ugly. I will get rough with you if I have to. I don't want to. But I will. We're also talk about you using your power against Garret to manipulate Ava into stopping what she was doing. Not to mention you setting his shoes on fire. That was dangerous. You could have hurt him! What if you had burned his feet? He's human. Unlike you Connor and Ava. He doesn't have super healing powers. We have tried to tell you many times that she is evil. I understand why you might not want to believe that. But sooner or later your gonna have to just face it and deal with it and then get over it and help us. But stop standing in our way.” Angel lectured going all over the place with the lecture. Hitting all the area's and the crimes.

“Am I in trouble?” She asked.

Angel scoffed “What do you think? I made a promise to you when you were a child about you using your powers without permission. What did I promise you Alison?” Angel asked.
Ali cringed “You promised to spank me.” she said.
“I think I was a little more specific then that.” Angel said.
Ali sighed embarrassed that he was making her say it. “You said you would spank my bare butt.”

“ I did.” Angel confirmed. “And this would be the third time I've had to punish you this year for that same offense. So this time...I'm changing a couple things.” Angel said.

“What do you mean?” Ali asked him.

Angel got up and steeling himself and he went over to her bed “I wanna make sure you get the message this time.” Angel said he left room and then he came back moments later with the hairbrush.

Ali stood up wearily. She hated that hairbrush. But she had expected it when he started the lecture. They always got the hairbrush for the worst stuff.

Angel sat on the bed and quickly moved taking Alison's pants and underwear down and then set her over his lap adjusting her perfectly. He had no set number this time. No. this time he was just going to keep spanking until he thought she had learned her lesson. He was going to make sure that she never wanted to risk repeating this mistake again.

So he raised the brush and immediately began to land whacks all over her bottom. And Angel moved like a machine. Applying the hairbrush mercilessly giving her the worst session of her life. And she kicked and cried and finally just screamed and begged but soon the begging stopped too and all she could do was cry and let out an occasional scream when he landed a swat on skin that already well blistered. Once Angel was satisfied that she wouldn't repeat this again he tossed the brush against the wall angry at himself and at her and at the brush. Then he helped her up her legs were shaky and he replaced her clothing and then he held her until she fell asleep again. This time Angel held her for a while longer. Then he placed her in her bed and kissed her forehead leaving her to her sleep for the night.

Three weeks later:

It had been a quiet day so far at the hotel. Everyone was just lounging around in the lobby when it happened. Suddenly the portal opened everyone now on alert and then everyone stared in shock as what appeared to be Alison with black hair landed in front of them.

Alison of course was clear across the room next to Connor staring too. It didn't take more then a couple seconds to process that the Alison with black hair was actually the dark daughter.
“Uh. Why does she still look like you?” Connor asked.
Alison shrugged a little uneasy now.
“Hello mother.” Makayla said.
“Makayla.” Alison said back.
“Makayla? You NAMED her? Alison!” Angel scolded.
“I'm sorry. I named her the day she was born. I just never got to tell any of you.” Alison said in her defense.

“Father wishes to speak with you.” Makayla said to Alison.
A second later a portal opened behind Alison and she shoved Connor away trying to protect him and realized too late that it was her the portal was after as she was sucked into it.


The portal closed and I found myself in a temple of sorts. There were three woman by a spinning wheel dressed in robes. One looked like a child. The other looked like a young woman and the third was an old woman. I was worried about my family. What was happening there?

“The three fates.” I turned when I heard his voice. There he was. The evil god that had chosen me to carry his spawn.

He held out his hand “Come with me. I want to show you something.” he said and I took his hand and he led me over to the three woman.

“You owe me.” He said.
“For what?” I asked confused.
“For using my power to help bring you back to life. It was I that was the reason you were brought back. My power allowed it to work. It was such a waste for you to be dead. So I helped bring you back. You owe me for that. And now I am collecting on that debt.” Democritus said then added “Place your fingers on the life line there.” he said.
I looked at the spinning wheel controlled by the fates that were creeping me out. I reached my hand out and felt the life line touching lightly. Just barely. And I gasped. The life they held in their hands. I knew it. It was Ava.

“If Ava kills Makayla.....the fates will end her life at that moment. She will lose her life. So now you have a choice to make. Protect our daughter and your family.....Or you can morn two people instead.” he said.

I looked at him. He was using his connections to screw with my life and try to force me into betraying my family by making it seem like it was the only way to save Ava.

“Your saying that if Ava kills her then they will take Ava's life?” I asked.
“If anyone of your family. Angel. Darla. Illyria. Wesley. Garret. Ava. Alana. Connor. If any of them take her life. Ava will die.” He said.

The first thought that crossed my mind was that he had left me out of this deal. So in other words the only way to kill Makayla and save Ava was if I killed my daughter myself. The last attempt was more of an accident. I had just reacted and panicked. Could I deliberately set out to kill Makayla.
She was my daughter. But she was also evil. There was no saving her. Because she didn't want to be saved. She didn't want to be good. I was the one that wanted her to be good. Because I had never wanted to believe that she was evil. I wanted to save her. She was my daughter. Daughter or not. I was my father's daughter. And I would do the right thing. I had no other choice. This wasn't about me. It was about stopping her. And saving everyone else. It was about not giving her a chance to hurt them.

“I understand.” I told him.
“Good.” he said then he opened the portal again and I went through and he closed the portal. He hadn't gone with me.

The lobby was different now. There was huge fire pit in the middle of it for one. For two Makayla had my family pretty well cornered and I stepped over to the fire pit looking inside. It seemed endless.

Makayla turned her attention to me “Mother. Your back. Have a pleasant talk with father?” she asked.
I nodded “I got the point Makayla.” I said.
She came over to me and I raised my hand to run it down her face lovingly. I did love her. I still loved her. But I still had to stop her.

“You know that I love you.” I said.
“Yes. I love you too mother. I am happy to finally be here with you. We can be together now. As mother and daughter. And we can destroy them all.” Makayla said in a bland tone.
“Yes. We could.” I said because it was true.
Makayla turned to my family then “But we won't.” I said and then I lunged at her. I shoved her hard and she grabbed onto my arm a frightened look on her face and then horror went through me as I realized we were going to fall down into the fire pit. Makayla slipped over the side. My father moved fast. I wasn't aware that he could move that fast. Just as we both fell over the edge Makayla lost her grip on me and fell into the burning pit and my father grabbed my wrist just in time to save me. And he yanked hard and he fell backwards I landed on top on him safe and alive.

End of APOV

The fire pit closed up just as Angel had saved Alison from it. And he held onto her as she began to cry from her near experience with death for a second time. She had already died once and for a split second she had been terrified that she would die again. Her daughter was dead. She could feel it.
Ava could feel it too. “Why did you destroy her?” Ava asked an hour later not understanding.
Alison looked up “When I went through the portal Demetrius told me that is you or dad or mom or Garret or Alana or Connor killed Makayla then the three fates would cut your life line and end your life. The three fates were there. I felt the life line for myself. It was yours. I couldn't let any of you kill her. Other wise Ava would die.” Alison said.
“I would gladly die if that's what it took to rid the world of any evil. You almost destroyed yourself. If Angel had not moved so quick you would have died with her.” Ava said hurt and Alison could see it.

She sighed. “I'm tired.” Alison said then she headed up to take a nap.


When I woke it wasn't morning yet. Everyone was still asleep. I sat up in bed thinking about things. It seemed that no matter how hard I tried I was always hurting my family or putting them in danger. My power alone was a danger to them weather I used it or not. I was dangerous. And I was tired of them having to pay for it. I got up from the bed and silently packed a duffel bag of my clothes. My mind was made up. I was leaving. I wrote a note sticking it on the front desk in the lobby and then I went to the doors I stopped to look back I wondered if this was how my father felt when he left Buffy and Sunnydale to come her to LA. Did he feel the same way I did? That he was protecting them from himself? That he had no real choice? That it was for the best? Did he have doubts? Was he determined to do it anyways? Like father like daughter some say. And like my father before me......I walked away intent on not coming back. Ever.

End of APOV

three hours later it was morning and Connor had a sick feeling in his gut. He went downstairs he had gotten dressed and ready before everyone else. And so he was the first to find the note.


I hope you can understand. I'm just too dangerous. And I'd rather die then hurt any of you. Ever. A lot has happened in the past year because of me. A lot of it was my fault. I am over come with my guilt. I can't stay any longer. The only way you will truly be safe...Is if I am not there. And so I'm writing this letter. To tell you that I love you all. And that I'm sorry. By the time you find this I will be gone. Please don't cry. And please don't look for me. But even if you do...You will never find me. Just let me go. And move on.

I love you all very much. That's why I have go.

Alison Angel.

Tears filled Connor's eyes and he put the letter down he rushed up the stairs he broke Alison's door down which brought everyone out of their rooms because of the noise. “Ali!” he yelled seeing the empty room. He ignored everyone else and ran through the hotel shouting “Alison!” he was panicked.

Angel and the rest of the gang went downstairs and found the note. Darla cried because her daughter had run away. Angel teared up because of memories from when he left Buffy and also because of how his daughter felt about having to leave them because she loved them too much to stay.

Connor slowly slumped down the stairs and Angel hugged him hard and Connor held on tight in a shattered voice and with a broken heart Connor stated “She's not coming back. Is she.” he said knowingly.

Angel just held him tighter and his own voice was rough when he replied “No.” Connor burst into tears then. And Angel held him for a long time.


Next Time: Alison comes back to steal Wesley's book and goes back in time to destroy herself.
That makes that the last chapter and then I can start working on IN CONTROL part of the story again YAY lol. Sorry I miss Spike.

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Alison Angel Chapter 6

Alison Angel


Last time: Alison had an evil baby that tried to kill Connor. Alison gave the baby to the father and told Angel that the baby had tried to kill her and that she threw it into the river.

This time: Alison's lie is discovered as the dark child has returned and has one purpose........To destroy the only threat that exists to her. ...The only one that could destroy her. Makayla has come back for Connor's blood.

Chapter 6 : The dark daughter returns

Two months later:


Okay I gotta admit that I was a little depressed there for a while. Losing Makayla upset me. But it wasn't like she was really dead so that was a comfort to me.
Ava was still on edge even after being told that Makayla was dead.

At that moment the hotel got a phone call.

Fred answered the phone and the rest of us just listened in.

“Oh gosh.” Fred said “Can you describe it?” Fred asked grabbing a paper and wrote down some stuff. Then a strange look came to her face. “Okay. Take a look at it.” Fred promised and then hung up the phone.

“What is it?” dad asked her.

“That was East Side Elementary school. They found the body of a dead 12 year old girl in the janitors closet the body itself was naked but there's no signs of rape or anything. Her heart just stopped working and......” Fred paused glancing at me.

“What?” I asked confused. She looked back at my dad “Half of the child's body had third degree burns.” Fred said.

Oh. Crap! Hey wait! I didn't do it!! “I didn't do it!!” I said wanting to make sure they knew that.

Fred gave me a gentle look “Honey I know you didn't do it. We'd have known if you had left the hotel at 7 in the morning. Plus you don't use your powers unless we tell you to. So I know it wasn't you. I only looked at you cause you have the same power that this demon has. They're sending the security tapes from this morning to our web site and I said that we would take a look. We might be able to tell what did this.” Fred said pulling up the laptop and then moments later she had the tapes playing.
And we all gathered around to watch as first several kids came charging through the halls going to class.
Then there was a girl that came in late. Then there was a portal that formed behind the girl and another girl came out of the portal. Portal girl was naked. Instantly her hair had blue streaks. Whatever came out of that portal could shape shift and look however she wanted to look. However now she was behind the girl and we couldn't see the things face yet. Then It showed a different angle of the camera and we saw the girl. And everyone gasped and Fred paused the tape as we all looked at Ava who's mouth was hanging open in outrage.
“Okay why does the evil thingy from the portal look like Ava when she was 12 years old?” Connor asked.

“It shape shifted to look like her. But why? And why when she was 12 years old?” Wesley asked.
“Maybe because it's 12 years old and so it can't age itself. But wouldn't it have had to see Ava in order to know what she looks like and shape shift into her?” Fred asked.

“It is not me!” Ava said angrily.

“We know that.” I told her trying to calm her down.

“That thing is framing me!” Ava said.

Oh. well she had a point. If this thing killed that girl with Ava's face then Ava would seem like the killer.

We played the tape and watched the Ava poser take the girl into the closet and then there was no screams or anything. Then the door opened again and the girl was wearing the victims clothes.

“Okay wait she killed her just because she wanted her clothes?” I scoffed at that.

Then the thing shape shifted again. It wasn't 12 year old Ava anymore.

No. Now it was 12 year old ME!!!

okay what are the odds that this thing could have seen both me and Ava?

I could believe that maybe Ava had traveled to this things dimension and that that's how it had seen her cause Ava sometimes went to other dimensions. But me? I never went to another dimension. So how could it have also seen me? Unless..............
I took another look at her as Fred had paused the screen again.

“Okay now she look like Ali? Wait a minute there’s no way this thing could have seen both of them. Ava goes to other dimensions so maybe it could have seen Ava. But there's no way that it could have seen Ali.” Connor said what probably everyone but me was thinking.
I now had an idea of how the girl could have seen us both. Maybe it had seen us at birth.
Was this my daughter? Is that why she seemed to look exactly like me when I was 12? Could she have aged that much in such a short time?

“Okay so now we're tracking something that has Alison's face. Just great.” Dad said and I could see where he was going with this.

I felt a sudden desire to go to the basement. I looked around and then I snuck away while everyone watched the tape a second time.

I made my way down the stairs the door closed behind me and locked and it wasn't me that did it. But I kept going down the stairs until I made it to the floor.

I saw her then. In the cage. We had the cage just in case....Well just in case one night dad got too happy and we had to knock him out and put him in there so that we could put his soul back.
She was beautiful. And she looked just like me. Long brown hair blue eyes and she had a happy look on her face. A smile. She was still wearing the other girls dress. It was a pink sundress with small daisy's all over it and pink sandals to match.

“Makayla?” I asked wanting to be sure.

She smiled brightly at me “Let me out mommy.”

Mommy? Wow. That was new. Wait. “Why can't you let yourself out?” I asked.

“Because....I want you to do it.” Makayla said.

I grabbed the keys and let her out of the cage.

She instantly hugged me. I was a little surprised but I hugged her back and ran my fingers through her hair lovingly. I could feel my maternal instincts coming back. But it was obvious to me now that she was evil. But maybe I could change her. Maybe I could make her good.
If I could use my powers for good then so could she. Someone just had to tell her and teach her.
She could be good like me. She just had to want it bad enough.

Then I separated us and made her look me in the eye “I know you killed that girl for her clothes. You can't do that anymore. Okay?” I asked trying to make her understand.

“Can't do what anymore?” she asked.

“Killing. You can't kill anymore.” I said.

“Why not?” she asked.

“Because it's not right. You can't hurt innocent people.” I said.

“Does it hurt you?” She asked.

I thought about that. “Yes. It hurt me to see you hurting people. Because I know you can be better. I don't want anything to happen to you. I don't want to fight you.” I said running my hand down her cheek and she leaned her head into it a smile on her face again.

“Okay. I won't kill anymore.” She promised and I was relieved and thought that maybe I had saved her.

But would they accept that?

I heard my father at the basement door and then he pounded on it “Alison open the door.” He yelled.

I panicked slightly. Then Ava must have used her own powers to unlock the door and Dad Ava mom Connor Wesley and Gunn came down the stairs probably thinking that I was in danger.

They stopped as they saw Makayla and then I instinctively placed her behind me “Wait!” I said holding out my hand “Just wait.” I begged.

They stayed where they were. “It's here. Ali you should have told us.” Connor said.

Ava stiffened when she looked at Makayla.

“What's wrong?” Wesley asked her.

Ava glared “Alison has lied.” Ava said angry then glared at Makayla “That thing is the dark child she gave birth too.”

Dad looked at me then looked at Makayla shocked. Then a hurt look crossed his face “You lied to me? You said she tried to kill you!” Dad got angry now.

“She didn't try to kill me! The portal came out of nowhere and he was there and he said he would take care of her. It was her father. I gave her to him. But I had to do something to make you think that she was dead. So I threw a rock into the river and made you think it was her. I didn't think she could come back. But she is back.” I explained.

Ava stepped forward “Step aside Alison. I am going to kill her this time.”

“NO!” I yelled.

“I will destroy you first.” Makayla said with a smile at Ava.

I looked back at her “NO! No more killing. We talking about this.” I reminded her gently then turned back to Ava “Just give her a chance to be good.” I said.

“That thing was already given a chance. It used that chance to try and kill Connor. It won't get another chance to hurt the ones that we love. Alison get out of the way or I swear I will fling you aside.” Ava vowed.

And I knew she was serious. She would use her powers on me if I didn't get out of the way.

“Alison move.” Dad growled warningly.

That made me mad. And gave me some courage back “Would you have moved?” I asked him knowingly. “If this child was me and everyone but you thought I was evil would have just moved away from me and let them kill me?” I asked already knowing the answer to that.

“No. but that's the problem Alison. That thing isn't you. Yes you had to same powers when you were a baby but you NEVER used them on anyone unless you sensed that they were bad. Everyone here knew about your powers. And all of us knew that you were good. She's not you Alison. She's evil. And you need to move and let us do the right thing.” Dad said.

“When is killing a child ever the right thing?” I asked him.
“There is a difference between an innocent child and an evil child.” Dad said.
“Oh is that you talking or Angelus?” I asked trying to make him angry at me.

“I used my power to hurt people after Connor died.” I added.

“There was a reason you did that. You had a moment of insanity and you made a mistake. That's different then constantly using your powers to hurt people because your evil.” Dad said.

“Mama I can't use my powers on the blue haired one. She is too strong.” Makayla whined behind me.

I glanced back at her realizing that she had been trying use her powers on Ava.

There was a moment of curiosity where I wondered why her powers didn't work on Ava. Then I realized Ava must be more powerful then Makayla.

Then I realized what that meant. She couldn't protect herself if I did step aside. Ava would kill her.

Ava and I were matched when it came to who was more powerful.

“I'm sorry.” I said then I raised my left hand and clenched my fist and Ava gasped as I was now squeezing her heart. She closed her eyes going down on her knees.

“Alison stop!” Dad shouted.

Tears filled my eyes because I was hurting her. But I was trying to make a point. Just because I never used my powers to hurt them didn't mean that I couldn't.

Connor surprised me by tackling me to the floor and I saw Makayla back up surprised. Her eyes widened and I saw my father move to attack her he had grabbed a sword from off the wall and she dodged each strike.

Connor's weight was stopping me from being able to get up and even though I struggled I had lost my concentration and now Ava was on her feet again “NO!” I screamed knowing that Ava would kill her.

I punched Connor which shocked him and then he punched me back. Which shocked me.

I bucked using my strength to flip him over and onto his back. I got up and watched as Ava lifted Makayla into the air while she clutched at her throat. Ava was cutting off her air supply. She would suffocate.

Connor tackled me again this time I was trapped on my stomach. I struggled more and then looked over at Ava and then up at Makayla. She didn't have much time left.

I looked back at Ava. Garret had wondered down to see what was happening. A look of shock crossed his face but then he went to stand near my father.

My heart screamed as I made my choice. There was only one way to stop Ava. To give me more time to get Makayla out of here.

I looked over at Garret and set his shoes on fire. He yelped panicking like crazy. Dad moved fast putting an arm around Garret and hauling him out of his shoes. Ava had loosened her hold to look over and make sure Garret was alright.

“Ava stop! Or next it won't be his shoes I set on fire!” I screamed still struggling and now everyone knew that it was me that had done it.

Connor wasn't holding me down anymore after that. I got up and shoved him away. He looked hurt and torn.

My attention was back on Ava now. “Ava back off!” I yelled I moved fast and now I had Garret in the air I could easily cut off his air the same way Ava was doing to Makayla.

Ava dropped Makayla and a moment later I guided Garret safely to the ground.

My father glared and growled at me warningly “Your about to cross a line.” My father said.

I knew what that meant.

“You wouldn't stand aside and let someone kill me. I'm not going to let you hurt my child.” I said.

“And I'm not going to let that thing hurt mine!” Dad growled back.

Ava moved and it was too fast for me to defend against. She ran and jumped kicking me in my chest forcing me to fly and land hard against the wall I collided hard and then landed on my side.

My back really hurt!!

“Ava!” Connor yelled then ran over to me. I could barely move.

“Ava kill it while you still can.” Dad said now going over to me and lifting me up into his arms.

I couldn't move. I felt like I was paralyzed.

Makayla used her powers to fling Ava across the room.
Then she formed fire in her hand I saw Illyria now by Ava helping her up and protectively placing her behind her.

But Makayla didn't throw Fire at Ava. She threw it at Connor. And my heart screamed. “NO!!” I used my powers to stop the ball of Fire and then before I even realized what I was doing I had flung it back at Makayla and she screamed as she began to burn and I cried and turned my face into my father's shoulder not wanting to watch my child burn. I must have cried myself to sleep after that.

End of APOV

Makayla burned and the flames went high and then when the flames disappeared there was nothing left. Not even a body. There were different feelings all around the room. Half of them felt sorry for Ali and the other half were angry and thinking that Ali had lost it!!

She had threatened to kill Garret to protect her Evil child! That angered Ava. Ali had used her brother against her. She hadn't kicked Ali because of what she did to Garret though. She had kicked her to get her out of the way so that she could destroy the evil child. But the child had surprised her and then tried to kill Connor. Again!! Ali had done the right thing in the end. She had protected Connor by killing her child. But Ava had a feeling that it wasn't over.

No..She thought to herself. …..This was just the beginning. That thing would be back. To destroy Connor. One last time. It was the father's flames that had consumed the child. Bringing her back to him so that he could heal her. And Ava knew that because that's what her own mother would have done to her. The child couldn't destroy Ava. But then again....She wasn't after Ava. She was after Connor.

And Ava had just figured out why.

Connor was the most important thing in Alison's heart. He was her twin. Makayla wanted to destroy Connor so that she could take his place in Alison's heart. Alison would do anything for Connor.
And Makayla was no fool. With Alison's power on her side she could do anything she wanted. And no one could stop her.

But there was one thing Makayla wasn't counting on that even Ava knew about.

Looks like Makayla's last days would be spent learning one lesson.

There's nothing stronger then the bond of Twins.


Next Time: Makayla is back again!! And again she tries to take Connor's life.......But will Alison stand aside and let Ava destroy Makayla? Or will this last attempt on Connor's life cause Alison to see the truth. Also the three fates make an appearance.   

Alison Angel chapter 5

Chapter 5: Mystical pregnancy.

Four months later:


How the hell does this always happen to me? Bad luck I guess. I was captured by none other then Drusilla! I let her go when I was 13 even though I told my dad that I dusted her. He was going to blister my butt when he see's that Drusilla took me. Well first he'll dust Drusilla and then he'll blister my butt. I would be lucky if he waited for us to get home. But knowing my luck after dusting Drusilla he would bend me over right there and spank my VERY sorry butt. I am currently chained to the wall and Drusilla hasn't really done anything to me yet. Why? I have no idea. But I don't think she's the brains of the operation seeing as she doesn't have all that many working brain cells left. Half of her brain is dead and the other half is locked away in wonderland somewhere or wherever it was when Angelus finally left the poor girl alone. I could have called for Cole. He would have heard me and come to help but I was pretty shy around him. Then again Drusilla was crazy as a loon and I could thank my father for that so maybe it was better if I did call him. “Cole. A little help here.” I cried out.

He heard me just I thought he would and shimmered in. gotta admit that was cool. The shimmering thing. He saw me chained up looked around and since Drusilla had left the room she wasn't in here. Cole yanked the chains free and I used my telekinetic power to make the cuffs break so that my hands were free.

Then we heard a spell being chanted and suddenly we were in a cave. Cole took my hand and tried to shimmer us out. But his powers weren't working in the cave. That was weird. The chanting continued and then it stopped.
And then for some reason neither of us could explain we were all over each other. Kissing grabbing. Touching. Stripping. And then we were really in trouble after that. I being a virgin was completely new to this so I just let him take the lead. We did several things. He used his fingers first bringing me my first orgasm. Then there was more kissing and then he had me on my back and he was between my legs using his mouth and WOW when I came that time it was powerful!! then he entered me and there was only a small amount of pain and I was so in love and burning up and then that first time it was fast. We did it a second time after that. And then a third. And then a fourth and by then we were exhausted.

And then an hour later the lust spell wore off and we both avoided looking at each other while we got dressed. We were SO dead. Daddy was going to kill him! And then he was going to kill me!

The cave was suddenly gone and once again we were in the crypt and a second later as if it was planned Drusilla was there and then dad was there along with Connor. Dad saw Drusilla and then looked at my guilty face and then attacked Drusilla. I almost stopped him but Cole stopped me and then Dad dusted her.

Cole asked if they wanted to take the easy way home and we all of course said yes. Cole shimmered taking us with him back to the hotel and then he glanced at me and shimmered out. I wondered if we would take about what happened later. Then Dad was all over me “Alison Marie do you want me tell me how Drusilla kidnapped you when you supposedly dusted her 3 years ago?” Dad asked sternly not amused at all.

“Uh....I didn't dust her.” I admitted.

Dad snorted “Yeah. No kidding. I just dusted her.”

I scoffed “yeah and that's not really fair seeing as YOU made her in the first place.”

Dad raised his brow at me “I was Angelus back then. There's a difference. And this isn't about what I did to her back in the day. It's about you lying to me 3 years ago. Why did you lie to me? Why didn't you just tell me that she got away?” Dad asked.

I knew had to be honest now. “Because she didn't get away.” I said.

“What do you mean she didn't get away?” Dad asked. “What happened then?” dad asked.

“I was gonna dust her I swear I was. But I had a vision. Of Angelus. I saw what he did to her. And I saw it again that night. That's why I woke up screaming. I had a nightmare of him doing the same thing to me.” I confessed.

Dad was stunned. I said the last part of it then “I let her go.” I said.

Dad stiffened “Excuse me? You LET her go? Why?!” Dad raised his voice.

I cringed “Because! I told her not to come back and I thought she would stay away!” I said.

“And that's why you don't let vampires go Alison! You can't make a deal with a vampire. You can't let Drusilla go and then expect her to not come back again.” Dad scolded.

I felt bad now. He was right. “Am I in trouble?” I asked.
Dad sighed “No.”
“Okay. Why not?” I asked.
“First of all it was 3 years ago. Second of all you were 13 years old so you really didn't know that she wouldn't stay away. So that makes it more my fault then yours for not explaining things better. I never told you not to let a vampire go before. So I'm telling you now. You see a vampire you dust that vampire. You don't let them go. The only thing I can really punish you for is lying to me. And again that was three years ago so it seems a little unfair to punish you for that now. Let's just let this one slide for now. Next time you lie to me I'll wash your mouth out with soap.” Dad threatened.

EEK! Soap! No thanks!

Things were pretty normal for the rest of the day. That night I went to sleep.


Connor got up the next morning and got dressed then everyone was downstairs and had breakfast. Connor could feel that Alison didn't feel well. It wasn't anything bad. She was cranky though. She ate breakfast and then she turned slightly green and ran to the bathroom to throw up.
Angel and Darla glanced at each other slightly worried that maybe she was coming down with something.

Connor gasped “Oh no.” he whined and grabbed his head “Ah!” he cried out as he jumped from the chair Angel jumped up as well “Vision!” Angel said catching Connor as Connor went down on his knees Angel held onto him as he had the vision.

What Connor saw made him pale. Several shades. Alison came back in and stood by her chair waiting to make sure Connor was okay.

When the vision ended Connor was breathing heavily. “What did you see?” Angel asked him.

Connor was very pale. Angel helped him stand up. Connor shook his head no as if that would stop it from being real. Then he went over to Alison turning her more towards him.
“What?” Ali asked eying him curiously.

The room went silent when Connor reached down and placed a hand on her belly. And then Alison gasped deeply when something very obviously moved inside her as if a baby had just kicked Connor's hand where it lay. Connor paled again now that it was confirmed and then his eyes went to Alison he kept his hand where it was. Announcing two words “Mystical pregnancy.” then added “Alison...Your pregnant.”

And that was about all Angel could take. “WHAT!!” Angel shouted.

How in the hell was she pregnant!!
Darla sat back in her chair glad that she was already sitting down because she would have fell is she was standing.

Garret and Alana just stared shock a lot like their parents.

Illyria broke the silence “I do not understand. How can Alison have a baby if she has never had sexual intercourse.” Illyria asked.
Angel groaned “Illyria! Please! Don't use the word sex and my daughter in the same sentence.”
A guilty look crossed over Alison's face. Angel saw the look and he shook his head as if to clear it and a look of hurt and shock fell on his face “You've.....Your not....” Angel couldn't find a way to word it. Why was it so hard to say you've had sex before or your not a virgin anymore?

Connor caught glimpses in her head from the day before with Cole.

Connor stiffened “I'm going to kill him!!” Connor raged.

“Who?” Alison asked still trying to adjust to fact that she was going to have a baby.
“Cole!! who do you think?” Connor stated.
“Cole?” Angel questioned.
“Yesterday Alison and Cole......” Connor paused. Apparently he couldn't say it either.
But everyone go the picture.
Alison grabbed Connor's arm “No! You will leave him alone because niether of us chose this. Something unnatural happened yesterday. When Cole came to save me we were transported somewhere by something. And then Cole and I just.....It was like we were being controlled by a spell or something. Maybe it was a lust spell or something. But that means it's not really our fault because someone else cast the spell.” Alison said.

“Spell or not you two still......” Darla paused and then continued “Did it. And that is why your pregnant. Connor of course saw it because he has visions.” Darla said. Angel groaned “Darla!!” he whined. Darla ignored him.


“What do I do?” I asked not sure about the how's or whys but I wanted to know what I was suppose to do now.

“I don't know. But don't worry. It's gonna be okay honey.” Mom said which didn't help at all or answer my question.

Connor's hand was still on my belly and whatever was inside me seemed to like him. It was so weird. When Connor touched my belly it felt like it kicked. But that wasn't possible. It wasn't developed enough to kick. Right?

Dad left the room and I really hoped that he wasn't going to go sulk about me having sex or being pregnant.

I went to my room to change and then I called out “Cole. I need your help.”

Cole shimmered into my bedroom briefly looking around and then said “What?” there was an awkward silence and then I said “Uh. Connor had a vision.” I said.
Cole raised his brow. True we didn't always call for his help. “And what did Connor see?” Cole asked.
“He saw me......Now.....Pregnant.” I blurted out.

Cole paled a little then said in disbelief “Pregnant? But it was just yesterday. It's way too soon to tell. Plus we only had sex...” He paused then said “Four times.”
Yup. Hey wait. “No we had to have done it more then that. What about the other stuff?” I asked.
“What other stuff?” Cole asked.
I blushed “You know! When you used your fingers and your...” I was probably bright red by now.

“My mouth? Well technically yes that was part of sex too. I did that to make your first time special so that you would enjoy it. Sex with a virgin can be painful if you don't know what your doing. I didn't want you to feel any pain. There a little pain but that's normal. But technically the actual full sex we only did that four times. Not that that wasn't enough to get you pregnant but still there's something not right about this whole thing. I mean first we get placed in that cave then we hear that spell and then we're all over each other and now your pregnant.” Cole said suspiciously.
I was suspicious too but I also found that it didn't bother me that much. I mean I was going to have a baby. A real baby. For some reason.....I couldn't find a downside to that.

“Aren't you even remotely excited?” I asked nervous that he wouldn't want me or our baby.

He gave me a stern look “Ali that's not what I meant. If it's real and actually ours then of course I'll be excited but there are other factors here like whoever placed us in that cave and chanted that spell. What if I was just a decoy and you were already pregnant before we did anything together? We have to think about that before you start thinking about that baby as yours. Cause it may have been put there by something evil. We have to think about that.” Cole explained.

Well that made sense and kind of spoiled my mood a little. Was this what it was like when mom was pregnant with me and Connor? Everyone afraid that maybe we were something evil? That was an awful thought.

I didn't dad to catch Cole in my room so I just had him leave. And then I laid on my bed not sure how or what to feel. I put my hand on my flat belly rubbing up and down and then I dozed off.

When I woke up an hour later I was genuinely scared. I was bigger. I had a baby bump. A small one but it was still noticeable! Not that I was worried about gaining weight cause Hello Pregnant. But I knew it didn't normally happen that fast!!

I screamed for the first person I could think of as I stood up and looked in the mirror “Mom!”

of course it being our place more then just mom came running. Mom arrived first of course. Then Connor. Then Dad and I was surprised when no one else ran in.

“It grew.” Connor stated the obvious. Yeah Connor. We can see that!

Wes appeared then. “wow. That was fast.” he said then added “I think Cole might have been right.”

“What?” Connor asked I was confused too.

“Cole came to me a moment ago and told me that he thinks that Alison might have become pregnant before they did anything. He said there was chanting. And that they were moved to a cave. And then Cole felt that he was possessed by something. He couldn't control his own body. Something else was touching Alison. Something has been trying to make Cole feel that he is in love with her and that he is suppose to be with her. But he knows deep down that it's a lie. Whatever is trying to manipulate him isn't actually part of him. Perhaps that same thing made Alison pregnant and then possessed Cole's body to make it seem like Cole was the father.” Wes explained.

Uh. okay. That's just weird. I thought.

“So what is it then?” I asked.

“I don't know. Perhaps we could get a look on a baby monitor at the hospital and see what's inside you. See if it's human. You seem to have grown 5 months in an hour. That seems to point more towards Connor's theory that it's a mystical pregnancy. If the baby were truly Cole's then she would go all nine months with the baby. It wouldn't grow like that.” Wes said.

Okay well I guess we're going to the hospital.

Basically Fred stayed home with Illyria Alan and Ava. Garret Connor dad mom Wes and Gunn came with me and we snuck into a room.
Mom instructed me to lay on the table and then Wes put this gooey cold stuff on my belly that made me smile cause it was cold. The he spread it around with this weird looking thing and it projected the inside of my belly onto the monitor.

We all looked at the screen.

Wes moved the object around “There it is.” he said and he showed us the head and then said “Well it appears normal. Like a human. But that doesn't mean that its any less dangerous. It's....” Wes stopped as apparently he spotted something.
“What?” I asked wondering what he saw.
He glanced at my parents first then at me “It's a girl.” A slight smiled was on his face “your carrying a girl.” he said.

A girl? “Wow.” was about all I could say to that.

Suddenly three woman that looked a little like nymphs that belonged in a forest or a fairy tale land appeared out of nowhere. Actual they kinda smoked in. there was smoke and then each one popped in.
there was three in all. Each of them wore a long skimpy green dress and they were really beautiful and their faces were very pale.

I sat up on my elbows to get a better look at them. They looked pretty harmless. Then again I looked pretty harmless too so looks were deceiving.

“Uh. Who the hell are they?” Mom asked.

“We are the guardians.” The blonde one said.

“Guardians of what?” Mom asked.

“We were sent to protect the pregnant Miracle child.” The brunette one said.

“What pregnant miracle child?” I asked confused.

“She means you. When I was pregnant it was impossible so people called my baby a miracle child. They didn't know you were twins anymore then we did.” Mom explained then said “So your here to protect Alison and her baby?” Mom asked.

“Of course. We were created to protect her.” The one with red hair said.

“Who sent you to protect her?” Mom asked.

“Demetrius.” All three of them said together.

Mom gasped apparently only she was getting it. “Demetrius? As in.....The god of power destruction and Chaos that's trapped in the hell dimension Quor-Toth? That Demetrius?” Mom asked
“Yes. We come from his flames as does she.” The blonde one said looking at me.
Mom scoffed “Excuse me but my daughter came from me. And her father.”
“I am sorry. I wasn't speaking of your child. I was speaking of his.” the blonde said.
“Wait. His child.” Mom then stated “Of course. The essence of the god impregnated Alison to create an offspring to help him come back and regain his godhood. He was destroyed and trapped in a pit and now he's only a flame. He can't bring himself back but he can use his offspring to help him but last time I heard about him he was almost powerful enough to come back on his own.” Mom explained.
Okay. Kinda hurt that I was being used by a god to bring an offspring into the world. Said offspring would also be used like a pawn to help bring him back.

“So...That's bad. Right?” I asked.

“Yeah. That's bad. There's a reason why he was destroyed by his own mother. He was born a god to a human mother. But he was evil. He did things. Things that even Angelus wouldn't do. The only person that was safe from him was his mother. His mother used that against him and destroyed him taking him out of this world sending him to the worst hell dimension there is in order to stop him. Because she couldn't save him. But his spirit clung to the hell dimension and found a home. It is said that it was a small flame at first but as it got stronger the closer he came to living again. The flames that appeared when you were brought back....That had to be him. Choosing you. And then he tricked Cole and when he realized he couldn't manipulate Cole into loving you he just used dark magic to make you pregnant and then possessed Cole to throw us off his trail. But then why send these things to protect you. That gives him away.” Mom said.

“Hiding is no longer important.” The blonde one said.

Okay first things first...”What are your names?” I asked wanting to know.

The blonde one said “I am called Rose.”
The brunette then said “I am called Ivy.”
The red head said “I am called Daisy.”

Wow. That was random.

“Okay.” I sighed then whined “Can I get off the table now?” I asked.

Mom came over to help me off the table. The three woman were instantly by my side almost surrounding me and my mother's grip tightened in a protective manner.

“Back off.” Mom growled at them

They took a step back but they weren't afraid “Easy vampire. We have no intent to harm your child. He wants your daughter safe. Alive. That's why he sent us.” Ivy said.

“He sent you to protect his Child. We don't need help to protect mine. As you can see we are more then capable of handing that on our own.” Mom said.

“But we can not leave. We must stay and watch over her. We must guard her.” Rose said as if leaving me was a sin. Maybe to them it was.

I could see mom about to put her foot down so I said my piece “Come on mom. Why does it matter. It won't hurt anyone if they tag along to the hotel and watch me. They won't hurt me.” I said.

Mom sighed “Fine. They can tag along.”

I felt pleased and then I felt a sharp pain that had me doubled over “Ah.” I yelped and mom grabbed me and had both arms around me “Ali? Honey breath.” mom said.

I threw my head back and groaned tears coming to my eyes “Ow!” I cried out.

End of APOV

She was growing more. That's what was causing her pain. She was growing. Connor flinched at the sight and Gunn seemed on edge about the three woman.
Ivy the brunette came forward her hand glowing Darla growled at her “Don't touch her.” she snapped.
Ivy whined “But....It will help. Please..... Let me.” Ivy said in a sweet voice as if trying to hypnotize Darla. Darla wasn't fooled. But decided to throw the three a rope. “Fine. Whatever your gonna do do it fast.” Darla said.
Ivy's glowing hand touched Alison's growing belly and even though her belly kept growing the pain stopped. Alison took several breaths and Darla panicked “This thing is coming soon Angel. We need to get her out of here.” Darla said.
Angel came over and picked Alison up off her feet and headed out along with everyone following him.
Once back at the hotel they informed the girls about what happened and then Angel laid Alison on the couch in the lobby. Trying to decide what to do. If the baby was evil then maybe he should kill it. His eyes strayed to the three 'protectors'. Maybe that's why they were there. To make sure that nothing harmed the baby once it was born.

Connor had another vision then as Alison sat up on the couch her hand on her enormous belly.
When the vision was over Angel asked “What did you see?”
Connor rushed over to Alison moving her onto the floor to lay her down.
“What are you doing?” She whined.
“The baby is coming.” Connor said and as if that was a magic word Alison went into labor.

The three protectors came over to help deliver the baby.

It was a hard labor. Alison screamed a lot. She had a grip on Angel's hand and would not let go for all the world. Angel tried to help her telling her to breath.

Ivy had stripped her from the waste down and Connor covered her with a blanket to help her keep her modesty. Everyone else just sorta stood around and watched.

It wasn't that long of a labor actually. It only lasted about an hour and Angel was too busy helping Alison to see what everyone else was now noticing. The sky outside was turning black and lightening and thunder flashed in the sky the during the entire labor.
There was a shrill baby cry and Ivy praised “She is here. The purifier.”
Alison's stomach instantly shrank again back to normal and she looked sat up with her father's help and looked at her baby. A look of awe crossed her features and then she giggled and a smile to light up the world crossed her face. “She's beautiful.” The baby had a good patch of brown hair on her head the same color as Alison's.


Ivy moved to hand the baby to me. “Wait.” Dad said pulling me further away. “I'm not so sure that's a good idea.” dad said.
“Why not?” I asked confused. I wanted to hold my baby.

“The child will not harm her mother.” Ivy informed him.

I gave my father a stunned look “Daddy. She's a baby! Just look at her. She's not gonna hurt me. I bet you weren't afraid of me when I came out!”

Dad snorted “Your right. I wasn't. That is until you set Wesley's desk on fire. Then I was a little afraid.” dad admitted.
Okay so I could understand that. I mean come on. Fire. Vampire. But that didn't stop him from holding me!
Dad moved with me to help me stand up. “Fine. But your not to be alone with her.” Dad said sternly.

I nodded eager to agree to anything. I held out my arms and Ivy came over and handed me my baby. The three woman left disappearing for some reason. Where had they gone?

My baby. It was so strange. I didn't even know what to name her.
But she was beautiful. I know some babies aren't all that great looking when they come out. But that wasn't that case with her. She was so pretty. And she didn't cry. She just looked at me with crystal blue eyes that made her seem even more adorable to me.

Everyone looked at her but no one wanted to hold her. Connor was afraid to touch her. He was afraid that he would have another vision.

I saw Ava look at the baby and then she stiffened and gasped. And a look of anger mixed with protectiveness came to her face.

Everyone knew that look and it put everyone including me on alert.

Ava came over and planted her feet.

“Ava.” Dad said warningly wanting an explanation just like I did.

“Angel....Take that thing from her and put it on the floor.” Ava commanded using a tone that made her sound just as godlike as her mother was.

Why did she want dad to put my baby on the floor? Why didn't she just ask me? I reluctantly let my dad take the baby and he placed her on the floor. She sat up all on her own. She looked about 8 months old.

Ava looked at my father. “Hold her back. I will make this fast.” Ava said which made no sense at all.

Then a sword came to her hand and I was shocked that she had used her powers.

My father suddenly must have guessed what she was going to do before I did. He put both his arms around me and and pulled me against his chest and restrained me.

“Dad!” I whined then I paled as Ava pointed her sword at my daughter.
“What are you doing?” I asked panicking.
“I am sorry my friend. You must trust me. This thing....Is not a child. It is vessel. And instrument for evil. That is all. And it must be destroyed. We can not allow it to come to full age. I can sense it. What it will become. What it is going to do.” Ava said stepping closer to the baby on the floor.
“No!” I screamed and struggled but my father held me tight not letting me move.
“NO! Ava don't! She's just a baby! Please!” I begged I had to find a way to help her before Ava hurt her.

“It's a monster. You don't understand. It is not good. Like you are. There is no good in it. It is pure evil. This is not a child. You mustn’t look at it like it's your baby. You must see it for what it truly is. I am sorry Alison. I can not allow this thing to harm you or give it the chance to harm anyone else.” Ava said.

“It is my baby! Ava's she's just a baby. I bet they said the same thing about you when you were born. And me and Connor too. We weren't natural babies either. But because of how we were raised we turned out good. She deserves a chance to be good. Just like we got.” I said begging for her to see that this was just a baby. We didn't even know if she had powers yet. All I knew is that for a split second I actually contemplated setting Ava on fire. It was the first time I have ever thought of deliberately hurting anyone in my family. And I knew it was because she was threatening my baby.

“Ava wait...” Dad said and Ava paused.

“She's right. We should at least wait a couple days and see what happens.” Dad said and I was relieved when Ava places the sword down “If that thing harms anyone here then it will be on your conscience vampire.” Ava said and then walked out of the room.

My dad released me and I rushed over to pick up my baby before anyone else had anymore bright idea's about killing her. I held her protectively and took her to my room. My dad followed me into my room. I sat on the bed and he sat on the chair watching me.
“what?” I demanded.
“I meant what I said earlier. We don't know enough about her. I'm not leaving you alone with her.” Dad said and I rolled my eyes.

I helped her stand on the bed and then I taught her to bounce on the bed. She giggled happily and I happened to see my dad crack a slight smile but then it was gone a moment later.

The bouncing went on for a while and then she yawned and so I put her on the bed and she closed her eyes and went to sleep. I finally thought of a name for her. Makayla

I was tired and went to sleep too.

End of APOV

After and hour or so Angel left the room and went to tell everyone that they were both asleep. And that someone needed to be in the room at all times.
Connor went up to sit and watch for an hour.
Connor got up from the chair and put his hand on the door nob then he heard something. He turned around a was a little freaked out now because the baby was sitting up on her own looking right at him.
Now she looked like she was 12 months old. Connor stepped closer ready to remove his sister from the bed by force and get her away from the baby. What Connor saw in those eyes was nothing good.
He was almost to the bed now watching the baby wearily.

Ava was listening standing guard. She had done the same while Angel was in the room earlier. That way she could protect them if she needed to.

Connor saw those blue eyes look at him and he stopped and gasped. It felt as if he was having a heart attack. His hand clutched his chest. Ava heard that and came into the room.

She saw the child hurting Connor. She could feel it giving him a heart attack. It was trying to kill him!
“NO!” Ava shouted and used her powers to fling the evil brat across the room and against the wall. Which stopped the heart attack. Ava shoved Connor out the door and then turned as the baby stumbled to her feet pushing the table away from her and looked at Ava with a pout expression on her face.

Connor told Angel about what had happened. “Okay that's it. Maybe Ava was right. That thing is evil.” Angel said. Sure Ali could do the same thing when she was a baby. But the point was that she didn't. She hadn't ever tried to hurt anyone with her power. Because she was good. This thing had tried to kill Connor because it was evil. It may look like a baby. But it wasn't. It was dangerous.

Alison woke up at the noise and a look of horror came to her face when she saw her baby picking herself up off the floor. She got up and shoved Ava “What the hell is wrong with you!” she shouted going over to the baby.

“Alison do not! Get away from that thing. It tried to kill Connor.” Ava informed her.

Alison picked up the baby and then saw her father and the others enter her room.

“Alison I know what your feeling. But you have to trust me. Trust us. That thing is evil. Look outside. The sky is still dark. It's been dark since you went into labor. That right there is your first sign. Second sign..Ava sensed it. Third tried to kill Connor. It's evil. There's nothing left to say. I know this is hard for you to accept. Just put her down and come over here.” Angel commanded.

Alison took one look at Ava and knew she couldn't do it. She couldn't stand aside and let them kill her baby.

Her eyes flickered to the window she could jump and land on her feet. And that's exactly what she did. With her daughter held in her hands she ran and leaped out the window. Hearing them shout at her she landed on the street on her feet and took off running. She looked in time to see her father jump out the window and begin to chase her. But she was ahead of him. She took some turns trying to lose him but nothing worked. He was still following her. She headed now towards the mountain running fast and she used her telekinetic power to fling herself to the top and then watched as her father began to climb.
It wouldn't take him long.

She ran and saw a small cave she looked over the edge of the cliff and saw water below. Alison ran into the cave and suddenly a portal opened and she saw a man standing there. He held out his arms “Give her to me. I'll keep her safe.” he said. He had black spiky hair and tanned skin. He was actually kinda hot. “Who are you?” Alison asked.
“I am her father.” he said. “I am Demetrius.” he said.
Alison looked at her daughter and then hugged her and handed her over to the demi god. “Her name is Makayla.” Alison said. Demetrius nodded looked at Alison longingly and then closed the portal. And they were gone.
Alison heard her father now and she went out of the cave. She picked up a medium sized rock and threw it into the water below. There was a loud splash and they she cried fake tears to help put on the show.

Angel made to her and Alison threw herself at her father crying “Daddy...She tired to kill me! I threw her in the river.” Alison cried hard.
Angel held onto her and tried to comfort her. Believing that now the threat was gone and they baby couldn't and wouldn't get the chance to hurt anyone else.

Alison was worn out and Angel picked her up and carried her all the way home. She was exhausted and tired of everything. Her life was filled with so much bad luck.

Her father wouldn't lie to her. So she knew that Makayla had tried to kill Connor. But she still had to protect her. What harm could she do them while in the other dimension. She wouldn't be able to hurt anyone there. And So Alison felt no guilt for what she had done. She was sure that she would never see either of them again. So it didn't matter anymore.


Next Time: Angel and the gang find out that Alison lied when Alison's daughter returns. This time Angel is less sympathetic about killing Makayla. But is the dark child too powerful for him to destroy?